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Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Edmonton

Investing in a pre purchase home inspection will provide insight to you on the condition and operation of the components tested throughout the home. Observations will be documented and provided to you in a well organized report outlining any issues found or items which require regular maintenance. Make an informed decision about your investment.

New Home Warranty Inspection Edmonton

Pre-Listing Home Inspection Edmonton

This type of inspection is for the home seller. Similar to the pre purchase home inspection but designed to give the seller insight on any systems or components of the house which could be corrected before listing on the market. This will help speed up the transaction of the home sale and provide home buyers with a reassured first impression of the house.

With most new home builders today providing new home warranties, inspecting the property will help outline any current or potential issues of the home before the warranty expires. A report will be provided to you, which can then be reviewed with the home builder to correct any noted situations covered under the home warranty.

Home Maintenance Inspection Edmonton

New Home Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Edmonton

This inspection will provide you with details on any issues before closing on the new home. A report will be provided allowing you to confidently discuss the issues with the home builder before signing off on the deal.

This inspection is for the home owner that plans to stay in their home and has lived there for several years but wants to invest in maintaining the condition of the property. A full inspection of the home and property will be performed and a detailed report outlining issues or maintenance will be provided to the home owner.  Now the home owner can confidently approach trades people when fixing the issues outlined in the report.

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